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Title[K/E/C][Interview] Dream Girl : GRAZIA x EXID Hani2017-07-13 17:45:55
Category 인터뷰(Interview)

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* English Translation (Part 1 : by. Leggoent)
Q. You are fairly leisurely, right? You finished "Night Rather Than Day" Activity lately.

A. That's right. I think I will get busy soon, but I want to enjoy this time that I can play, eat, and sleep a little bit more.

Q. You succeeded to earn 1st place 3 times among 20 music show appearances so as a result it was successful, but I think you were very worried because of Solji's absence.
A. At first, worrying was the first thing I did. Solji Unnie is a leader and also main vocal. But we successfully minimized the damage by Hyelin's singing skill. And I think LE successfully functioned as a temporary leader. She tried hard (laugh)

Q. So she "Tried" lol
A. I'm not make fun of her, but we are so proud of her. We thought we will be in huge trouble after Solji unnie was absent, but LE "Tried" to play that role instead of Solji unnie and it was kind of successful.

Q. Did you realized something during 4XID activities?
I know it sounds cliche, but We all realized how important our Unnie is. Every time we earned 1st place at the Music Show, no, every time we performed at the stage, we missed Solji Unnie. And we also tried to show our best performance and best result. Also, we started to care our health more.

Q. Health care?
A. LE unnie and myself always check a tonic corner when we goes to duty free shop in the airport. We quietly suggest each other to take those tonics, and we ask to go to the hospital as soon as possible when we noticed other member looks sick. Lately, Jeonghwa went to the hospital and received a medical checkup so we asked her like "What did the doctor said? How was it?" right after she returned from the hospital (Laugh).

Q. Did you had a change of heart personally?
A. I always establish one-word goal every year, and I decided "Memories" as a goal of this year.

Q. So you started to think "NOW" is more important than the "FUTURE", don't you?
A. Yes. And I think our activities fit well with my goal. Especially I enjoyed the stage, making the shape of heart to the camera with our members, changing parts each other, and running around holding hands of each other, at our last music show stage.

Q. EXID members are famous with "Funny mood makers".
A. I think our characteristic was expressed well on that day. I asked hyelin not to do something strange during my part when we did our rehearsal, but I bursted out laughing at our main stage. And we also realized the absence of Solji unnie by hearing laughter without Solji unnie's.

Q. You have 5 songs in your mini album. Do you have a special song that you want to promote more?
A. 'Velvet' which is LE Unnie's Solo. I thought like she should've started her solo activity with this song, because other songs except for the title song cannot see the light of day. I complained to unnie that this song should've been more promoted. And 3rd track 'How Why' (Laugh)

Q. The name of the song is similar to Hawaii (Laugh).
A. In fact, that's the reason why we decided that song. We had a plan to film a TV program at Hawaii. So We made a song 'How Why' in rememberance of it, but filming was cancelled and only the song remained (Laugh). Because of that memory, I thought like "I gonna listen to the song in Hawaii, even if I'll go there alone!" right after I knew the photo shooting will be held in Hawaii.

Q. You could try a video call to the members.
A. I think they would not answer the phone call. They are not so much emotional (Laugh)

Q. Now I understand the reason why there are so many selfies and GIFs on the instagram.
A. I think EXID fits with broad-minded, cheerful, blunt mood. 

Q. I saw some pictures from tour in Japan on your instagram.
A. I received a vacation after we finished our album activity. I was supposed to stay at home, but I heard Hyelin will go to Japan so I followed her. Hyelin complained like "Unnie will hunt for cultural properties, won't you? If so, let's trip seperately!", but we got in sync at the end of the day.

Q. Are you hunts for cultural properties when you go to a trip?
A. I went to trips many time with my mother when I was young. I studied several places by climing the mountain, visiting cultural properties, hunting for famous places. So I think I got used to that kind of tour. It is my first time to go to a trip with my friend, and I thought like it's also funny to go in couples with Hyelin, who has "Eating" type characteristic. We already decided to go to another trip later.

Q. I think there were quite lots of people who recongized you two.
A. There were more people who knows EXID in Japan than I thought. So we made a fuss saying like "Wow, we are a little bit famous  even in Japan". Hyelin can speak Japanese so we had some conversations. It was quite amazing because I can't speak japanese except for "Sumimasen (Sorry)", "Daijyobu (I'm Okay)", or "Kudasai (Give me)". 

* English Translation (Part 2 : by. @CherrySunset247)

Q. Is there a memorable episode? 
A. When finding the hotel we used the subway, a hardship memory? It would have been easy if we took a taxi, we were going around pushing a big carrier and I don't know how much we wandered. We wandered for about two hours and we arrived at the hotel. ‘This is the same as an escape room’ we laughed a lot.

Q. It must have been a complete stretch at the hotel. 
A. No! We used our strenght and, as soon as we put down our luggage, we said we should eat something so we went to eat ramen and takoyaki. The two of us doing that way, it was a spectacle all the time.

Q. If you were only at home you would regret it. 
A. Right? Ah, then when coming back to Korea we had a difficult time beacuse of the carrier's password. When we left the password was definitely ‘000’, suddenly it won't open. But we had to unpack, we started from ‘999’ and we changed the numbers one at a time. I can't believe it, I don't know too, the password had changed to ‘008’.

Q. From ‘999’ to ‘008’ you had a great tenacity when trying? 
A. I'm quite a bit stubborn. Once it comes out I have to see the end.

Q. If I see Hani, you look like a comic manhwa protagonist. 
A. Did you see a lot of cartoons? I often hear that. Not too long ago LE unnie said “You, now you don't only act like cartoons, your laugh is like that too!”, making fun of me.

Q. How do you laugh? 
A. “Puhahahaha!” I like that. Well, it'simple. If I find it difficult I can just hold a novel or a comic book in my hand. Then after a while I'm cheerful just as I was.

Q. Besides manhwa, do you read a lot of books of different genres? 
A. I don't make a distinction about the genre. This time too I took 8 books. 2 self-help books, 2 novels, the rest is manhwa. This time I took workbooks too. I'm self studying for the Korean history test.

Q. Why the Korean history exam? 
A. It's just a hobby. I loved to study history from a young age. Last time I studied about the Silla Dynasty, I also went to a field trip to Gyeongju. If you only study the theory it's boring, I was wondering if I (should) take a test and travel.

Q. Do the members too see it as strange/amazing? 
A. Now they do. I went to Gyeongju, Hyelin immediately noticed the purpose. She said “Unnie, are you going to look at the cultural assets too?” (laughter).

Q. You know what? EXID members blended the whole story. 
A. Really? Not long ago I scanned my instagram timeline, I was a bit surprised. All the members talked about it. I love the members so much. In this moment I really miss the members.

Q. From 6/17, starting from Hong Kong, the Asia Tour will set off. Did you complete the preparation well? 
A. First we'll meet Hong Kong fans. I think they want to see the members' everyday image and individual charms, we prepared a various program. Also, I'm wondering if it'll be good if we do something new.

Q. After finishing the Hong Kong show, which country are you going off to? 
A. Singapore, Taiwan and so on, we scheduled to visit a lot of countries. And, as well as the concert, we'll continuously stay abroad for other schedules. Like this, I don't think we can undo our luggages.

Q. This Hawaii trip is the abroad schedules' opening shot.
A. Yes. I really love the ocean, the presentiment is good from the beginning. I think it will work out well in the future.

Q. There's little more than half of 2017 left. What do you really want to do this year? 
A. I want to be on stage more often. I didn't feel it before, suddenly these days I thought ‘This moment will end one day’. If I have to be more greedy, an EXID solo concert in Korea, I have this dream.

Q. The goal set at the beginning of the year, to build a lot of memories.
A. Yes. In fact I can't wish for more other than that, to build beautiful memories.

Q. I can't endure emotional words, somehow it seems like a lie? 
A. Very occasionally ‘cheesy’ things can be attractive. Instead, alone (laughter).

* Chinese Translation (by. Fish Salty)


Q. 你現在相當地悠閒,對吧?你不久前完成了"Night Rather Than Day"的活動

A. 對。我想我很快又會忙起來的。但我想享受這次的機會遊玩、吃和多睡一點。


Q. 你成功在20次音樂節目中贏得了三次的一位,所以是成功的,但我想因為率智缺席的緣故,你還是非常擔心。

A. 在一開始,我的第一件事是擔心。畢竟率智unnie是隊長也是主唱,但慧璘的歌唱技巧把傷害減到了最小。並且我想LE成功地擔任了一個暫時的隊長。他非常努力()


Q. 所以她(LE)"嘗試"過了 lol

A. 我不是在嘲笑她,但我們以她為驕傲。我們以為率智的缺席會讓我們碰上很大的麻煩,但是LE"試著"扮演隊長的角色而非率智unnie並且在最後有點成功。


Q. 在以4XID活動時你們有意識到什麼嗎?

A. 我知道這聽起來有點陳腔濫調,但我們都了解到了(率智)unnie是多麼重要。每一次我們在音樂節目拿到一位,不,每一次我們在台上表演,我們都想念率智unnie。而我們也試著呈現出我們最好的表演及結果。以及,我們開始更注重我們的健康了。


Q. 健康管理?

A. LE unnie和我到機場的免稅商店時,我們總會去逛逛補品區。我們會默默地提醒彼此要記得吃補品,並且當我們注意到成員們看起來生病時,會要她盡快去醫院。不久前,正花去了醫院,接受了身體檢查,她一從醫院回來時,我們就馬上問她"醫生說什麼?身體有怎樣嗎? "()


Q. 就個人來說,有經歷過什麼心境的變化嗎?

A. 每年我都會設立一個新的目標,像是"成長""進步"等等的單字,今年決定是"回憶。


Q. "EXID成員們原本就以"興富者"*出名的。*(大約理解成團隊的開心果的意思)

A. 我想我們的個人特質很好的展現了出來。我曾經要求慧潾在彩排時不要做一些奇怪的事情,但我卻在我們正式的舞台上大笑。並且我們也因為沒有聽到率智unnie的笑聲,而察覺到了率智unnie的缺席。


Q. 在你們的迷你專輯中有五首歌,有沒有哪一首特別的歌是想宣傳的呢?

A. LE獨唱的"Velvet"。我在想LE unnies以這首歌開始個人活動,會不會更好呢?因為除了主打歌以外都不能看到白天的陽光。我向LE unnie 抱怨這首歌應該要再多宣傳的。還有第三首歌"How Why"()


Q. 歌名的發音很像Hawaii()

A. 事實上,這就是我們選這首歌的理由。我們有一個計畫是要在夏威夷拍攝電視節目。所以我們做了這首歌要紀念這件事。但是拍攝計畫被取消了,只留下了歌名()。因為有了那個記憶,在知道拍攝將會在夏威夷舉行後,我想著"我要在夏威夷聽這首歌,即使只有我自己去! "


Q. 你可以試著發視訊通話給成員們。

A. 我想他們不會接的。他們感情沒那麼豐富。


Q. 現在我懂為什麼在IG上會有那麼多自拍照跟動圖的理由了。

A. 我認為EXID適合心胸開闊、興高采烈、坦率的心情。


Q. 我在IG上面看到了不久前去日本旅遊的一些照片。

A. 在專輯活動結束後,我有了一個假期。我原本應該會待在家的,但我聽到慧潾說她要去日本,我就跟著去了。慧潾抱怨說"unnie又要去看文化遺產了對吧?如果是這樣的話,那我們分開走吧!",但最後我們還是達成了共識。


Q. 你去旅遊時,原本就會去參訪文化遺產嗎?

A. 我小時候跟媽媽去旅遊很多次,我藉由爬山、參訪文化遺產、找尋有名的勝地學到了很多地方。所以我想我習慣了這種旅遊方式。這是我第一次跟我的朋友去旅遊,我覺得跟慧潾——有著吃放型特質——作伴去旅遊也是件有趣的事情。我們已經決定之後要去別的地方旅遊了。


Q. 我想有相當多的人認出你們兩個了。

A. 在日本知道EXID的人比我想像多的多。所以我們開玩笑地說"哇,我們連在日本都有點名氣呢。"慧潾會說日文,所以我們與粉絲有了一些談話。這其實滿讓我驚豔的,因為我不會說日文,只會斯咪媽線(對不起)、大丈夫(我很好)、哭拉賽(……)


Q. 有記憶深刻的事情嗎?

A. 當我們用了地鐵找尋飯店時,一個困苦的記憶?如果我們搭計程車的話,會更容易的。我們拖著一個大行李箱到處奔波,我不知道我們徘徊了多久。我們徘徊了大概兩個小時,終於到達飯店了。"這根本是密室逃脫"我們大笑了。


Q. 在飯店裡一定有好好的放鬆。

A. !我們用盡了所有力氣。我們一放下行李,就說應該要去吃點東西,所以我們去吃了拉麵和章魚燒。我們的行事作風,一直都是個奇觀。


Q. 如果你一直在家,你會後悔的。

A. 對吧?.…..之後我們回到韓國時,因為行李箱密碼,度過了一個艱難的時刻。我們記得我們設好的密碼一定是"000",突然間不管用了。但是我們得收拾行李阿,我們從"999"開始,一個一個慢慢試。我不敢相信,也不能理解,密碼變成了"008"


Q. "999""008",你在試的時候有很大的耐心呢?

A. 我有一點固執。一但嘗試了,我就一定要看到結果。


Q. 如果我看哈妮,你看起來像個漫畫主人公。

A. 你看了很多卡通嗎?我很常聽到。不久之前,LE unnie"你現在不只表現得像卡通人物,你的笑聲也是!"在嘲笑我。


Q. 你怎麼笑的?

A. "噗哈哈哈哈"我就像那樣。嗯,這很簡單。如果覺得很困難,我可以只是拿著小說或漫畫在手上。一下子之後,我就會像平常那樣歡樂。


Q. 除了漫畫以外,你還有看很多其他不同主題的書嗎?

A. 我對書的主題不挑剔。這次我看了八本書,兩本自我啟發的書、兩本小說,剩下的是漫畫。這次我也買了題本。我正在為了韓國歷史考試自學中。


Q. 為什麼要參加韓國歷史考試?

A. 只是個嗜好。我從小時候就愛讀歷史。上次我讀了新羅的歷史(朝鮮的歷史國家之一),我也去了慶州實地考察。如果你只單獨理論的話很無聊,我好奇我是否應該參加個考試或旅行。


Q. 成員們也把這個看成一個奇怪/令人驚奇的行為?

A. 現在他們是這樣。我去了慶州。慧潾立刻注意到了意圖。他說"unnie 你又要去看歷史遺產了嗎?"()


Q. 你知道嗎?EXID的成員把整個故事混雜在一起了。

A. 真的嗎?不久之前,我快速掃過我IG的時間軸,我有點驚訝。所有的成員都在談論這個。我很愛我的成員們。在這個時候,我真的很想念成員們。


Q. 6/17,香港開始,亞巡展開。你做好萬全的準備了嗎?

A. 首先,我們會與香港粉絲見面。我想他們想看成員們每天的樣子和個人魅力。我們準備了多樣化的節目,並且我好奇如果我們做些創新會不會得到好的迴響。


Q. 在完成香港場後,你們接下來要前往哪個國家?

A. 新加坡、台灣等等。我們行程決定了要去很多的國家。還有演唱會,我們會因為其他的行程而繼續地待在國外。就像這樣,我不覺得我們可以放下行李。


Q. 這次夏威夷之旅是外國行程的開幕。

A. 對,我真的很愛大海,從一開始預感就很好。我相信未來也會進行得很順利。


Q. 2017年還剩下大半年,妳在今年真正想做什麼?

A. 我想要更頻繁地站上舞台。我以前不曾意識到,突然這幾天我想到"這種時候總有一天會畫下句點。"如果要我更貪心的話,舉辦在首爾的EXID單獨演唱會,我有這個夢想。


Q. 目標在年初時訂下,創造出許多回憶。

A. 當然了,事實上除了那個以外沒有更期望的了,創造美好的回憶。


Q. 不能忍受感性的話語,不知怎麼的,像是一個謊言。

A. 非常的偶爾,覺得肉麻的話也很有魅力,相反的,獨自一人。()


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